Kitty Cats



Let me introduce you to my two favourite little guys! Marshall & Daisy. They are my babies! (okay so I’m a little bit of a crazy cat lady) but that’s fine. I was going through a bit of a tough time a couple of months back so my Mother decided to buy me a kitten to keep me company, this then ended in two kittens, but they’re brother and sister, so you couldn’t really say no.
They have now been in our family for ooh, 4 months possibly. I think I may have mothered them a little too much as I have never had two quite so needy pets in all of my life. But they have awesome personalities, Daisy; is feisty! Loves to meow and loves to be noticed. Where Marshall is a little softy, such a sweetheart, just wants cuddles.. CONSTANTLY. 
They’re perfect. Well.. no, they are perfect but it would seem that we named them wrong and Daisy is a boy and Marshall seems to be a little girlie. OPPS?! Sadly they know their names now so I’m afraid that’s how it is going to have to stay. Sorry guys! 
So, you have now been introduced to my babies! They had to have a place on my blog as they are always all over my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. My poor friends.


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