Well, it would seem I am not great at this blogging stuff! But I really want to be and seeing as now I have a few days off after ending up in hospital because of my kidneys, I thought now was a good a times as ever to write in my cosy little bed my Mum made me on the sofa… (I feel 5 again) 

So, whats been happening since September, too much! I believe my blog says I study Graphic Communication and Typography at Plymouth University. I decided after being unwell for quite some time, that the course wasn’t for me so moved back down to Cornwall where in September I enrolled in a Social Science course, which I am absolutely loving! I find it very difficult as I am not the most academic of people, but I am determined to reach my goal of going on to study psychology. But as great as it is my tutor said doing this course you have to “Bury your head and just get on with it” Well how right could one person be! I feel like all I do is work work work work and a little more work. However, Christmas holiday was a great relieve didn’t touch a book until the last week of the holiday (probably regret that) but it’s been awesome, met new friends, done so many fun things and been able to be arty again! So.. thats a very short version of whats been happening from September to December. 

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