365 Jar.


365 Jar.

I decided to make my best friend Alice one of her Christmas present this year as I am little bit on the poor side and she’s been a little down lately so I thought it’d be a great gift to try and keep her spirits up. The idea for my jar appeared on my Facebook news feed a few weeks back now, the principle of it is that there is 365 (2015 isn’t a leap year is it?) small handwritten notes within the jar all of different colours, which represent different things.. such as Pink for The Reasons I Love You, green for Quotes & Lyrics and finally yellow for Moments & Memories we shared. Writing 365 notes is a lot harder than I anticipated, the coming up with stuff to write was the easy part but my HANDS! One word, ow. Far too much folding and writing required!  But she LOVES it! So it was more than worth it, I just hope whenever she feels a little down she can pick a note and it’ll hopefully cheer her up.

The little gut you can see on the right is a gingerbread man as we have a quote “You’re my ginger to my gingerbread” as we adore gingerbread! Maybe slightly weird.. But yeah that was one of her notes..

I think this is great gift idea, cheap, fun and meaningful! 😀

7 thoughts on “365 Jar.

  1. Oh, it's a great idea. Just i was searching a gift for my boyfriend's birthday in Pinterest. And look at me, i reading you. Great idea.
    P.D. Sorry for my english, my native language is Spanish 😉 kisses and Greetings from Colombia 🙂


  2. Does it take a year to make this jar or do u write all the notes in a few days. I got confused because some will say to date them and memories and such.. Im confused !!


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