Back in June time I believe it was myself, my sister Natalie, my friend Alice and a few of Natalie’s friends decided to take part in the Rainbow Run. I remember seeing a leaflet advertising it in a local surf shop and I jokingly said to my Mum and the checkout man “Oh Mum we should do this” she laughed, I mean of course she did, Rebekah’s don’t run, or even walk fast. But then somehow weeks later I was persuading Alice to do the run?! Let me tell you it took a fair bit of persuasion! Me persuading someone to run? What is all that about! I believe this was all in March time, sadly then in April everything went a bit wrong, with a break up, university not going so well, everything got on top of me and I went pretty skinny! And weeks before the run with all these sponsors behind us, I was being told that i wouldn’t be able to run because I had gone too skinny, being told I’ll keel over etc etc.. well that wasn’t an option I was doing it if Alice had to carry me and I did it, a very skinny me did it! Completed it! Not in the fastest time I’ve got to say, but it was so much fun! As you can see me and Natalie got covered in paint..
My Sister Natalie & Me After The Rainbow Run
Me & Alice Celebrating (by having water chucked all over us) as you do.
And the greatest thing was it was all for a great cause, Children Hospice South West. Which I believe they raised an unreal amount of money for! We even attempted to break the world record for the largest Haka! (not that I had any idea what that was at the time).
It’s just turned 2015 and I am determined to get bigger, get fitter and do another run for charity! I know everyone looks at my size and doubts me, but it doesn’t matter if you’re big or small if you have the determination, you can do it!
Off Home To Bed..

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