For ages now I have wanted my hair lilac, we are talking years! But I’ve always been too much of a wimp todo it, every time I went to the hairdressers to do it, I’d just end up coming out blonder… But this time i decided it was time!! and after 3 bleaches (how I have any hair is beyond me) I now have blue.. yes blue hair.. not lilac. I’m a bit confused how lilac dye has come out blue, however it’s well interesting to say the least.
My hair after it had been bleached…

Then with the dye.. (such a good look) 
and here is the finished result..
It’s growing on me and everyone else is finding it highly amusing coming up with new ways to take the mick out of it hourly, I’ve had smurth, “have you drunk to much ribenna” to “are you cold Rebekah”, “You’re looking a bit blue today Bekky, are you alright?” to people just staring at me and kids in working screaming “Look at her hair mummy”  to that I look like a mermaid and my nick name is now Dory, because I’m very ditzy and now well blue…
If you need a cheer up, I suggest dying your hair a wacky colour 🙂 

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