Orange Is The New Black and My Story of Escapism.

OITNB is on its way back!!! I logged into Facebook and the trailer is everywhere! I am so excited, I got so into the first seasons, one because well it is an awesome show! And secondly it got me through a tough time – I know what you’re thinking, a programme got me through a tough time, also… a programme about a bunch of women prisoners?!  I still find it bizarre to this day, but it really did. 
It reminded me that I wrote my last creative writing piece for english on the fact that it helped me. I think the whole reason it helped me is the idea of escapism, escaping from the real world, be it for just an hour or two but I feel just stepping back and giving yourself time away from whats making you feel sad can really help. To this day, I still struggle some days and I constantly find myself either sitting down and watching a documentary or drawing. I think anything that focuses your mind and helps you to go off into your own little bubble can really help! Here is the essay that I wrote incase anyone was interested 🙂 (It is a bit dramatised just because it was creative writing) 

Orange Is The New Black and My Story of Escapism.
The 8th of March 2014 was the worst day of my life. My whole world came crashing down in an instant, I was finding my first year at University the total opposite of what I thought it would be. I imagined it would be fun, exciting, interesting and good for me. However, it was the total opposite of what the posters portray! To make maters worse my relationship had just ended and enough was enough. I literally packed one bag leaving everything else behind and ran for home. 
I felt unable to leave my room for weeks and weeks, until my mum dragged me to see the doctor. He told me I was suffering from severe depression, he prescribed me anti depressants and sent me home with the advice of finding something I could focus my mind on. I didn’t believe for a second that anything could make me feel better, I found no enjoyment in anything. 
At the time everybody was raving at how good “Orange is the New Black” TV series was, I didn’t believe them! So in an attempt to prove that I was right and they were wrong and life would always be rubbish I watched episode one. To my surprise I was hooked! Watching the show became my way to escape reality and get through every single miserable day. It became a very good distraction of taking my mind off what was making me feel sad. Watching the show was my way of escaping the bad feelings running through my mind, every hour long episode was another hour less of my day. 

After watching two series I found myself actually enjoying something, I never thought this would happen again. I was convinced that my life would always be doom and gloom. It taught me a valuable lesson on how to live with depression and how not to let it control my life, things can and will get better, you just have to give it time and the simplest things such as a TV programme can make all the difference. 
I hope maybe if one person reads this who is going through a tough time, who thinks it will never ever ever get any better, can hopefully just step back and do something that makes you go into your own bubble and just give it some time. I promise you, I thought it was never going to get better either, but it does, it just needs a little time.

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