My Little Time Wasters!

My Mum is constantly talking to our animals which is currently, 5 cats (woah that makes me sound craaaaazy) & 2 dogs (which can send me a bit insane) Even though I know I do it myself…

Anyways, the other day I over heard her talking to the kittens she said “Oh you’re such little time wasters” which is so so true! The amount of times I’ve been late for places since them coming into the world a few months back is unreal, I could just sit there for hours just watching them.

I love how they all have their own little personalities…
The Mostly White One – Is a little clingy scaredy cat! He is seriously scared of his own shadow! He was the first one to find his hiss and he now hisses at EVERYTHING, but he is damn cute with that almost completely white face of his.
Little Moustache – Is the only little lady of the group, she is quite content, she is more than happy just running around like a looney tune, however, she does like a good kitten fight! She is constantly trying to wind the others up. Typical girlie 😉 feisty little thing! (and come to think of it maybe now I know she’s a girl, I should call it a beauty spot not a moustache that probably doesn’t help her feistiness).
Buddy – Finally theres my little fluffy Buddy, this is the one which will be staying with us, as sadly Mum is making me get rid of 2 😦 and since being born Buddy has been a bit of an outsider he’d rather be in mine and Mums arms then be with the other guys and he’s sooooo laid back and chilled, he’s just adorable! I kept calling him my little buddy when I spoke to him, so that name has now stuck.

I’m sure my friends, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, you name it are getting sick of my constant “LOOK HOW CUTE MY KITTENS ARE” posts, so hey I thought you guys could see my little time wasters…

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