What is the point?

Obviously there is always a point, but also don’t we all have these times when it’s really stupidly hard to find the point?  I reckon mine has packed itself off to China! 
I am beyond fed up! I’ve been broken (my term for being poorly) now for what feels like forever! I’ve been to the doctors (I was dragged to the doctors) Now I feel like an old dear on daily tablets and having to see specialist – I am meant to be 22! 22!!! This is all I keep thinking, I certainly do not feel 22. 
I had just made this grand plan that I was going to start the gym, get fit, eat well, go for runs, cycle, the lot. But my body obviously thought nah ah Rebekah, not happening my love.
And here I am stuck in bed, bored out of my tiny little brain, thinking what is the point. I had to miss my GCSE Maths exam, which I HAVE to get a C in to go to university, but oh no, I can’t re take it until November, which is about as much use as chocolate tea pot already half melted on an open fire! – so now uni is looking doubtful, just feels like my dreams are slowly fading away and  year studying has been a bit of a waste, dramatic I know… but I JUST WANT A DEGREE IN PSYCHOLOGY! Is that so much to ask!!! (Comes to think of it, probably).
Anyhoo’s I’ll stop being a dramatic moaning Myrtle and does anyone out there (I still can’t believe people read me just rambling on) have any ideas on how to keep yourself sane whilst being stuck in bed? I think if I watch one more Zoelle or Alfie Deyes video I might actually start believing I am related to them… 

Thanks you guys! xxxxxxxx

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