Holiday Essentials.

Of course, every ones different some people can live with pretty much nothing and others (me) feel the need to take their sink, kitchen, bedroom, lets just say their house away with them.
“Essentials” means something different to everyone, but I thought I would show you mine from my recent trip to Ibiza. 
I have never been away, let alone to a hot country. Which whilst I’m sat by the pool typing this it is 37 degrees, 37!!!!! 
So, apart from the obvious, which is say your passport, money in whatever currency, boarding pass, make up, deodorant, toothy brush etc.. 
Here are some of the things that I have no idea how I would have lived with out !! 
BAG – A bag which you can just carry down to the pool down with you, some people out here have big over the shoulder bags, or me and my friend have just taken our toiletry bag, it’s just something to hold say your phone, suncream, book, essentials which you will need by the pool to stop you running up and down to your pool like a crazy child! 
SUNGLASSES – These probably come in the obvious category for most people, but I almost forget them, as from Cornwall, I very rarely find the need to wear sunglasses. But here I think I’d of cried without them!
MAKEUP WIPES – I don’t know how I’d of lived without these! Even though I hardly wear make- up out here as my freckles have come out with force, they are such a great way to just freshen up your face. 
LIP CARE – I am annoyingly allergic to Lip Balm, so I forgot these and my lips are paying for it, but my friend brought these out, they’re lip balm with a SPF of 30 in an assortment of flavours, cause don’t forget your lips WILL BURN. Believe me. 
DETANGLER – these hair brushes are amazing, the mix of pool water, sea water and heat will destroy your hair and a detangaler hairbrush is a MUST.
BIKINI – this again is a pretty obvious one, but my friend was like I’m taking nine I was like NINE?! I’m taking 2! But my goodness, no if you’ve got them the more the better!!
COMFY SHORTS – Shorts is probably another pretty obvious one, but apart from the denim shorts which are so popular to wear out on holidays, comfy shorts are up there on the list of must haves! They’re great to wear by the pool if like me you don’t feel confident another to swan around in just what feel like pants! and also great to sleep in, and just walk around in on the crazy hot days.
MOISTURISER – I don’t know if it’s just me, but my skin feels horrible when it’s hot, sooooo dry! So moisturiser is a MUST I had simple for my face and Zoella’s moisturiser for my body (mmm so good!)
SUNCREAM –  My Mum and suncream are best friends, and she drilled into me that we would also be best friends, having a ginger Mum I literally had to bath in the stuff! But nobody wants to ruin their holiday by becoming a walking talking burnt lobster!
PLASTERS – You never know when you might need a plaster, shoes tend to rub out here in this heat and after all the walking around on nights out ect.. These ones from Superdrug in a little tin are perfect!
ALOVERA – this is my SAVOUR! I am a gingers kid and I just have to look at the sun and I turn into a walking talking lobster and nobody wants to peel. I actually brought the one in the above picture in Spain, so amazing I even let my suitcase go over just so I could bring it back with me!
DRY SHAMPOO – MUST MUST!! This stuff is amazing!! Washing your hair in heat just doesn’t hold that “just washed” look for long at all, so this stuff is amazing for a quick freshen up before going down for food when there isn’t enough time to wash and dry it.
BOOK – I’m not much of a book worm, unless it’s crime book of some sort, but I decided I would actually take a book with me on this holiday as I am not great with just lying there trying to tan (short attention span) haha! (I took Girl On The Train)
MINI STRAIGHTENERS – Heat = frizz. Or it does for my hair anyway. Weight limits with luggage is highly annoying so these mini straighteners from EGO are perfect for travelling and sort your hair right out in minutes. 
TEDDY BEAR – I’m sure this isn’t essential but if you’re a giant softy like myself then a teddy bear from home is an essential, I think it if you get home sick it helps with that, as well as you can take awesome pictures with your little friend… 
SHOESShoeeeziesss, I’m not one for flipper floppers we just don’t get along, so I love canvas shoes and sandals, also I took pumps which surprising I wore ALOT, especially when my poor little feet got burnt.
SCRUNCHIES Cornwall to Ibiza is quite a climate change! Us Cornish girls and heat we just don’t mix all that often, so if you’ve got long hair scrunchies are a must to get all your hair off of you, it’s surprising how much better you feel without it there!
I probably do need to learn to take less with me on holiday as my suitcase only just scraped through check in, but I think you enjoy yourself so much more if you feel in yourself you’re prepared. 

Let me know what your holiday essentials are or if you’re one of those awesome people who can live with nothing, Rebekah 🙂 xx

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