10 Reason Us "skinny girls" Aren’t All That Lucky.


Everybody thinks being skinny is a gift, we are such lucky lucky people and so many of you want to be just like us. But it’s that old thing of be careful what you wish for… Because believe you me its not all that great and I’m sure curvy girls have many a things they dislike to, but here are 10 reasons why we aren’t so lucky for the “skinny bitches” “there’s more meat on a butchers apron” people of the world. 

My friend Chloe (Beauty, Home and Life) created the post “skinny girl problems” and it amused me too much, that I had to follow suit and add a few things that also drive me slightly bananas (yep I eat those). 

1. Constantly being told how lucky we are – well you’ll quickly see from this list just how “lucky” us skinny girls really are. 

2. “Aw you’re so lucky I bet you can fit in children’s clothes” – okay so yeah children’s clothes might be that oooh £2 £3 cheaper BUT no I do not want to walk around with a picture of smiley emoji with the sentiment “YOLO” and I might well be skinny but I’m not 4ft! 

3. “I bet I can put my fingers right around your wrists” – please get off us! We are not a play thing! For future reference, yes your fingers will go from my wrist probably all the way to the top of my arm, BUT I CANT WEAR FREAKING BANGLES WITHOUT THEM FLYING OFF AND ATTACKING SOMEONE, so please have some sympathy.

4. Skinny legs make your feet look HUGE! – I have tinie tiny size 3s which people are always shocked by! But yet my tinie tinies look like a bloody canoes!! 

5. No one believing when you say you love food or that you eat a lot and being asked to prove it all of the time – “yeah as if you LOVE food, that sparrow probably eats more than you” No no I genuinely do love food.

6. People asking you why you workout, as if being skinny means you’re automatically healthy or not into athletics – I understand you see small figure we think fit, but honestly if I was to jog to the end of my street, I’d probably need an ambulance. 

7. Feeling cold all. the. time – I am pretty much always freezing! My friends can chill on the beach in the evening in a jumper, whilst I’m there In everyone’s coats and a blanket with my teeth chattering away.

8. Being told that it isn’t fair that you’re so skinny – trust me, this wasn’t my decision. Don’t be mad with me. 

9. And people insisting on picking you up only to comment on how light you are – PUT. ME. THE. HELL. DOWN. 

10. The amazing quotes and names we get told all the time – “there’s more meat on a butchers apron” (my dads personal favourite) “you bag of bones” I appreciate you probably think you’re original and funny but sadly we’ve heard it all before, so so so so so many times. 

I fully appreciate everyone is different shapes & sizes and I love that, that is what makes us who we are. Just please don’t jump to conclusion that the skinny girl sat next to you on the train eating a whole pack of biscuits has a problem and the not so skinny person opposite you eats too much.. It just doesn’t always work out that way. 

Rock whatever shape you are! Square, triangle, circle. You gots this! Rebekah x

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