Or a pet hate.. We all have them. In the dictionary these are described as “a minor annoyance that am individual identifies as particularly annoying to themselves, to a greater degree than others may find” So basically something that gets on your tits! (Non existent in my case!) 

I was just thinking on my train journey what annoys me and wondering if it annoyed anyone else or just myself and thought I’d share my 5 pet hates with you! 
1. DEFLATED BALLOON – This is soooo unbelievably up there! My definite number one! Lets be honest, we all huff and puff and have the occasional sighhhhh. But why do people feel the need to sound like a deflated balloon?!!! If there’s an issue please say, I wouldn’t want you floating away.
2. THE JUICE IS FINISHED – no matter how much you suck that straw that drink is so done. I don’t want to hear that strange vacuum noise you’re making, just because we you cannot accept your drink is done, gone, finished, finitoooo 
3. BACK THE HELL UP –  We’ve all had them, those people who walk on your heels, there is no need for you to be so close to me, I am getting a little worried you want to marry me! Or you want to rob me.. (I’m hoping more marry) but either way back up or walk around me please. 
4. POINT – I cannot stand when people point at me! My inner self wants to snap your finger off, I’m aware you’re talking to me you really don’t need to remind me throughout our whole conversation  by wagging your finger at me, as it causes me not to listen more but for me to want to snap your finger off! 
5. REPETITION REPETI… –  we all know those adverts buy NOW NOW NOW NOW. BOOK TODAY BOOK TODAY BOOK TODAY!! Yes yes I’ve got it. Tomorrow is not the day today is. I completely understand the power of repetition and the power of 3 but I just can’t stand it!!

Theres my little moan for the day, now we all know what bugs the hell out of a Rebekah! 

Do any of these relate to you? or do you have any pet peeves of your own? x

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