Being dyslexik, dislexsick, DYSLEXIC!!

One simple way of describing what it is like to be dyslexic is FRUSTRATING! 
I’m writing this blog purely because I was with my baby Niece earlier (she’s six) and we was writing her Mummy a note and she needed me to sound out the letters for her to help her spell and I just couldn’t.. I felt bad, but bless little Georgie she taught me how to sound out the letters and thats just one of the many frustrating things that I can not do because I can’t spell, so I thought what better way to just be like I can’t spell out letters and what?!.. then to write a blog post about it…
I found out I was dyslexic in sixth form which was at the end of secondary school, which is quite late but as I missed out quite a lot of schooling, it was probably missed. 
I still remember so clearly the day my teacher spotted something, I was sat writing on the computer with my media teacher and she said “Rebekah can you google Politics for me” So I got up goggle and TRIED to type in politics but it was more along the lines of.. Polotics, polertics, pollerticks… anything that sounded correct in my head.. and she said to me do you find it difficult to spell? which my reply was “under pressure, yes” but really yes I always had found spelling ridiculously hard, I remember in primary school a girl bullying me because I always sucked so badly at the spelling tests and I remember back in those days (oh I sound so old) back in my day dear we had to read out our scores aloud and mine used to be like 2/20 which everyone found highly amusing. 
Anyways, I had a dyslexic test which confirmed I was dyslexic and it drives me insane! Just writing blog posts frustrates me because I know people reading this will be able to spot spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and people often tell me I write sentences the wrong way around, but do you know what I LOVE writing and maybe I’m not great at it and probably never ever will be. But I will never stop writing and anybody with dyslexia (because my goodness there are so many of us) Don’t not write because you cant spell or you get stuff the wrong way around or you get your D’s as B’s mixed up, because honestly.. who cares! People will take there time to read and understand your stuff, because I sure will! 
and it has also been proven that us dyslexic people are highly creative people and we often think outside the box and come up with some of the greatest ideas, hence why most of us dyslexics are scientist, actors and artist. So okay yes we might never get a Masters in English but hey if we didn’t have visually creative people we wouldn’t have blogs, 
vlogs, these fancy laptops we are writing on or our fancy phones! 
So I know we all have days, I still do where my awful memory drives me insane, my inability to tell a story without getting my “her” and “him” mixed up, having to dumb down words just so I can spell them and my spell check being like THE HELL REBEKAH?! WHAT ARE YOU CHATTING?!
It’s all frustrating, but if we were all english genius life would be dull! We are different and thats just fine. 
Is anyone who reads this dyslexic? Do you have certain things to help you? Do you have other awesome talents? I’d love to hear from you 😀
Also, would you like to hear more about how I deal with being dyslexic and the tips and tricks I’ve learnt over the years? Let me know, Rebekah x

One last thing, can we just ask ourselves, why did they pick such a difficult word to spell?! Dyslexic?!! Dyslexia?!!! 

2 thoughts on “Being dyslexik, dislexsick, DYSLEXIC!!

  1. My boyfriend is dyslexic as well, although since we went to College together I've rubbed off on him in terms of how he writes haha. It's not something I noticed myself doing, but James says because I was able to help with wording and spelling when he needed me to, he's improved substantially. I also have a few work colleagues with Dyslexia but for them, I believe it is much worse x


  2. Aw it's really good that you have helped him! 🙂 It's funny how the smallest of things can really help, with me if I'm not worried about spelling stuff wrong it helps so much, as I feel when I stress I forget everything! and since being at college everyone has been so good to me and helpful. I also think people are so much more understanding nowadays which is awesome :)) xx


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