Pretty Muddy 2015.

A few months back we got the news that nobody wants to hear.. Nans got cancer.
From being perfectly healthy, chatty, going out having her hair done every week, taking great care of her appearance. To having a tooth out at the dentist, to finding out she had cancer of the mouth, not being able to talk and being stuck in a bed and having to have radio therapy every day for 4 weeks. It really is true, it is crazy how quickly things can change.
Around this time was when all the Race For Life adverts started to appear “JOG ON CANCER” and I thought signing up to this not only raising money for such an amazing cause to help my Nan and so many others out there fighting this cruel illness. I knew if I didn’t tell her, signed up and got donations then went down to see her and showed her my sponsor sheet it would make her day.
So, that is exactly what I did, I signed me and my best friend Alice- who sadly her Papa is also fighting cancer, up for the Pretty Muddy event in our nearest city of Plymouth.

Together I believe we raised £200 and we had the best of days and it really gave us something to focus on, as I feel one of the worst things is seeing someone you love so dearly suffering with an illness that you just can’t do anything about it, you feel almost powerless and I feel this, even though it’s such a small gesture helped us feel like we were doing something to help.
Below are some pictures from the fantastic event, as I already mentioned we had the best of days, my Nan was over the moon when she found out and we met some truly inspirational people and yes we really did get pretty muddy.. but real women wear mud..

Courtesy of HEART FM
Anyone who is fighting, keep kicking its nasty ass!!






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