Looking young has always been an issue, well no it hasn’t always been an issue more like I have always looked young but since becoming 22 it’s becoming more of an issue.. 
I think looking young runs in the family as my sister who is 26 honestly looks under 20 and my mum who is 41 gets mistaken for our sister on a regular basis.
Since being 22 as I’ve been going out more and spending more time with groups of girls, I am getting a bit green-eyed monster. My friends when they go out in their dresses or just jeans and heels look HOT! They look so beautiful, whereas when I get dressed up for a night out I look like I’ve just raided my Mums wardrobe and make-up bag.
I’ve got to be honest I probably don’t overly help myself with my love for all things Disney, pink, fluffy and just cute things and as for clothes I love dungarees and skater skirts and cute T shirts. 
But.. even if i try and dress like a 22 year old I just look bizarre. 
Where I work I am constantly being asked how old I am and how I got the job being so young (bar work) and when I say I am 22 they almost fall off their chairs!!! (no exaggeration) 


Lets look at some photo evidence.. 
Oh okay then, maybe I have aged slighting, but I feel like I’ve just got the same baby face..
Do any of you guys have this issue of looking young? Is there anything you do to look older on certain occasions when the 12 year old you just isn’t suitable?
Of course what does everyone tell us.. when we are 40 we will look 20 😉 So maybe it’s not all that bad…



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