This is a follow on from my previous blog of “YOU’RE HOW OLD?!” it’s another rantey list, I seem to love a good rantey list, so here we go heres 5 bad things about having a baby things & ending in 5 good things! (I apologise to anyone who reads this and has told me i have a baby face). (LOVE YOU).

  • PEOPLE THINKING YOU HAD A CHILD AT THE AGE OF 4 – No no thats just my baby Niece.. and even if it was my kid, I would have been plenty old enough thanks for your concern. 

  • YOU’RE HOW OLD?! –The constant shock face you get when you tell people that you’re intact 7 years older than they originally thought

  • YOUR NOT?! – The denial stage, because yes that person guessed you’re 7 years younger than intact you are, therefore, they are correct and you actually have no idea how old you are. 

  • YOU RAIDED YOUR MUMS WARDROBE – The sad reality is when all my beautiful friends go out looking amazing on a night out, in there lush dresses, looking older and sophisticated & then theres me… I look like I’ve just raided my Mummys wardrobe and nicked her heels, as you do when you’re a child.  (might I also add most of my friends are much younger than me)  

  • CONSTANTLY GETTING ID’D – and not just getting Id’d but the bouncer or barman examining it, like this isn’t yours ma’am this is so definitely your older sisters…


    • WE GET CHEAP PRICES – we all know and love this one, we get cheap busses, cheap trains, you name it we are getting on as that 12 year old child because having a baby face has to have some perks.

    • “when you’re older you’re going to look so young” –YEAH THATS RIGHT! As much as this saying drives me insane, when we’re 40 we are so definitely going to be looking 20!! mmmmhmmm

    • PEOPLE THINK WE ARE INNOCENT – As much as I wish this wasn’t the case, stereotypes are still a thing and people do judge on appearances and looking young does have it’s advantages, I always get people helping me, because I am on the smaller side of life, if I get pushed around in a line I always have a mother backing my corner! Which is so sweet. 

      Okay, so I ran out of positives of having a baby face, It’s really not that bad, (I’m sure i’ll age one day) but it’s also hard to find great things about it… do you have any? Let me know :))


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