Lets be honest, we all love music, it’s many peoples ways to escape, it’s a way to wake up, it’s a dance with your best friend, it’s a sing song in the shower. Music enters all of our lives on a daily basis and every month on my Spotify I’ve been making a monthly favs playlist to keep me going for that month and this month I thought I would share with you my favourites.

These are just a few of the tunes that got me out of bed, got me through many a bus journey and got me through the stressful month that was August.

It’s a bit of a collective mix, from newbies, covers, old school JoJo to a bit of Pixar!

Nathan Grisdale Lost
Sigma, Ella Henderson Glitterball
Pitbull, Chris Brown Fun
Kuana Torress Kahele Lava
The BeachFrom Above 
The BeachThieves
Jasmine ThompsonPompeii 
Jasmine ThompsonAint Nobody
Jasmine ThompsonAdore
Lost FrequenciesAre You With Me
Jess GlynneDon’t Be So Hard On Yourself
JoJo Too Little, Too Late
My music taste is forever changing! and is always very random! but I love seeing what people are listening to as I love discovering new music, I hope you have discovered something new…

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