Actually, I can.


I apologise that I haven’t been around in a while, the past few months have been insane! But I’m back! People have been messaging me asking me when am I going to blog again, which is so so sweet! (I didn’t even know people really read this) so thank you!! It makes me so happy to know people do.

So.. whats been happening with Rebekah? Well as I think I’ve mentioned in a previous blog I applied to go and study psychology at Plymouth University and my conditions were to finish the Social Science course I was studying and to achieve a C in GSCE maths. Well, everything went a bit tits up, the short of it I got poorly was unable to attend my maths exam, therefore got declined…

 But I know…lets skip all that because GUESS WHERE I AM!!!!!! That is right I’M ONLY AT UNIVERSITY STUDYING PSYCHOLOGY!!

 Today was my first day of welcome week, I moved up into halls 4 days ago and I am already loving it! I met so many lovely people today and heard about so many exciting opportunities coming my way.

 So that is where I’ve been and I am super excited for the upcoming years! And now I am more settled in I really want to get back to blogging, so hopefully there will be more blogs coming your way!

 It’s been a longgg difficult journey to get here which I think needs a blog of it’s own to explain, but one thing to anyone who has been told they can’t do something but it’s your dream, just go for it! Because believe you me 2 years ago I did not think in my wildest dreams I would be sat in my hall room writing to say I’m into university to study the subject that I have always wanted.

 So you just remember, we have infinite potential and ability and can achieve anything we put our minds to ANYTHING! We just need to recognise it. Just don’t be afraid to go for what you truly want and never for a second think that you’re not good enough! Because actually YOU can.


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