Okay, so it’s official I am a rubbish blogger! Since being at university I am beyond slack on here! I have been wanting to write a blog for so long now, but sadly I know psychology comes first (my tutor would be so proud).

However, not now! I am feeling sorry for myself today as a month since being up here with people with colds ALL AROUND ME, freshers flu has finally made an appearance in my life!

So, I thought right now would be a great time to catch you guys up! Starting with my recent trip to Barcelona me and my current flat mate Amy went to Barcelona just before we moved away together, It was so beautiful and sunny (minus one day, but we don’t need to talk about that) Here are some pictures for you beautiful people to enjoy and count this as a promise from me to you that I WILL WILL WILL WILL start blogging again 🙂  



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