365 Days.

365 days in a year, but one awful day can take one whole year and turn it into one day in your head. 2015, as cliché as it is, really has had it’s up and downs. Up until mid way through the year it did mostly consist of ups! But sadly my Nan became very unwell with cancer and sadly lost her battle on Christmas Eve, thankfully I got to say my goodbyes and tell her how much she meant to me. But ending a year like that, of course shadows over the rest of the year. Therefore, I wanted to try and write this blog post to force myself to look back over the year and find the highlights and I know my beautiful Nan will only ever want me to be happy and to succeed in life and that is exactly what I am going to try and do, so lets start with not keeping my 2015 a bad year in my head..

Pretty Muddy – After finding out my Nan was fighting for her live with Cancer me and Alice decided we would raise money for Cancer Research by taking part in the Pretty Muddy, I also knew along with helping many others, it would make my Nan so happy and proud(It really did).


Sleep Walk – In July me and Amy set out todo the Sleep walk to raise money for Rowcroft Hospice which is such a fantastic cause, it was definitely worth getting 6 blisters and dressing up as a sheep which got mistaken for everything.. but a sheep.



Started Work – I have always been work shy, or lazy as my family would put it.. But I finally manned up and started working front of house in a local village pub, its been one of the best experiences, it is very hard work at times, but I have met some of the loveliest girls there and finally become best friends with my little coco bean after her being in my family for years and years.

Ibiza – In July me and my absolute best friend Alice set off to Ibiza for 10 days, I can honestly say I have never had so much fun in all of my life, we went parasailing, stunt boating, shooting, we ate way to much (or more I ate way too much) we drunk cocktails, met some awesome people, got adopted by a holiday family, made best friends with the hotel entertainer, and overall just had the most amazing time!

Barcelona – A week before we was set to move away to university. Me, Amy, her mum and mums friends set off to Barcelona for one last bit of sun! – We had such a great time (even if everyone else did turn a nice shade of brown and I stayed whiter than casper the friendly ghost).
Finishing College – I somehow, still to this day don’t know how managed to finish my college course with surprisingly good grades.
Getting Into University – finishing college was then followed by some miracle getting onto the course I have wanted to study for as long as i can remember, psychology! – It was stressful getting here and it’s still stressful to this day, but I am so so happy I made it!

I hope you all had an awesome 365 days! And remember not everyday can be perfect and sadly we also cannot keep hold of those who are perfect to us. But I know those who are perfect to us will want nothing more than for us to have the best of days and to remember them for the perfect days they joined us in. Heres to the next 366 days (oh a cheeky extra day just for you).

Lets run with the theme of making it PERFECT


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