Go Ape Diary

I apologise for the lateness of this post, sadly university got in the way.

But better late than never hey! I am lucky, I managed to stretch out my birthday from the 28th of April (my actual birthday) to the 1st May, I feel like the Queen! And one of those days consisted of going to Go Ape, which is an adventure park where you got it, you act like an ape for the day and climb through trees.

It was such an amazing day! and I was lucky enough to have my Uncle C who is a photographer to take some pictures to remember this amazing day, so here are just a selected few! I tried to include my Mum (red head) and her many many… many faces of the day and the moment just after my Dad lost his glasses – he seemed a lot happier when he couldn’t see what was happening, I can’t think why?

All in all, it was a fantastic day with a bunch of fantastic people! and I would 110% recommend going to a Go Ape adventure park!

I hope you enjoy the many faces and crashes!


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