Who Names a Fire?!

On the 15th June Joey thought it would be a GREAT idea to go down to the beach at midnight, light a fire and toast some marshmallows.

Now sounds lovely, but anyone who knows me knows I am quite the wimp, so we arrived at the pitch black beach and I mean PITCH BLACK (and I eat my carrots) but hand in hand (I almost broke his hand) we made it down to the beach and how glad I am that we did! – even if I was dressed in Joeys very much too big clothes!

Previously that day I found out that I had got a first for my first year at university and I could not  have thought of a better way to spend the night than curled up in front of a fire roasting marshmallows and let me tell you, I feel like my whole life I have been missing out, 23 years and never has a roasted marshmallow crossed my lips but OH MY!! (Don’t they look strange roasted though)

But I would highly suggest if you’re a poor student like myself, to set out a few blankets, have a fire and eat all the marshmallows you can!! – of course please be safe, me by myself and a fire wouldn’t mix all that well.

The name? Joey was teaching me what a beautiful fire needs to survive one of these being, oxygen and the way Joey was talking about it I felt like he was talking about a Human, so I asked the I feel very obvious question!! “What is our fire called” to which Joey replied “who names a fire?!” Way to make me feel like a strange one Josef ;).

Although, I forgive him, as when he ran into Tesco I admired how cute his car is with all our pictures. (Isn’t he lovely)


Have you guys ever named anything completely random? (Please say it’s not just me) 🙂


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