It’s Christmas! Well… I mean it’s not. But in flat 9 ITSSSS CHRISTMASSSS!! I’m sure many of you know I live away from home as I am currently at university studying hard (this is just in case my family read) 

Living away from home with your friends means two Christmases!! Now, I mean flat 9 is great and everything, HOWEVER, it lacks something. A table. But it’s okay us all being undergraduates came up with a great idea, picnic Christmas! So here is our DIY Christmas Picnic. (really it’s just called a picnic cause we sat on the floor, but what you gonna do call the picnic police?!)

But honestly, who wouldn’t want to sit on the floor, eat a roast and open presents with your friends!


A huge thank you to my lovely flatmates for spoiling me! And Fran, YOU CAN COOK GIRL!
I hope everyone reading this had an amazing Christmas! and I wish you all a fantastic New Year!

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