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Spring, is that you?! Yesterday in England we woke up to beautiful weather! I mean.. its still cold, but beautiful. The sun picked the perfect day to show its pretty little face, as today my Uncle and Auntie came to visit me at university.
Firstly, I was spoilt to a lovely lunch at a place called Two Bridges Hotel. Which I forgot to take a picture of!! (I’m a terrible blogger) but it was very nice!
We then went for a walk in Dartmoor, visiting a few bridges for some photo opportunities (maybe if I listened to my Uncles history lesson, I could tell you more, but I didn’t) So sadly I can’t.

But you can enjoy some pictures taken by my talented Uncle… I’ll also add a few of the ones I’ve taken, obviously, mine would have been to the same standard of my Uncle, but I didn’t have a camera just an iPhone (That is my excuse and I’m sticking to it!) 

*WARNING* Less impressive iPhone imagery to follow…
Hope you enjoyed a little look at Dartmoor! Where is your favourite place to take a walk?
You can check out my Uncles work by clicking on the beautiful couple below!(See! my pictures had no hope in standing up)


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