Ohh Deer Sale Haul

If you like illustration and quirky designs Ohh Deer is the place for you!

I believe I first discovered Ohh Deer through their Instagram and I am in LOVE! And their sales, my word do Ohh Deer know how to do sales!

Recently (sort of) in January which right now feels a lifetime ago because how long was January as a month?! But in January I saw they had a 70% sale! They currently have an up to 80% sale!! (this is not an ad, I realise I am singing their praises but I honestly just love their stuff)

I placed my order in January and kept all the stuff in the box like a good little person with all the great intentions of filming a haul for my Youtube channel, which I finally got around to yesterday, however, I realise I am far too self-conscious to post this SO to my blog I go!

One of my favourite things to buy on Ohh Deer is cards! I am a bit of collector of cards (thanks to my old flatmate, love you, miss you & your card collection) and I always find myself buying Ohh Deer cards at Paperchase which usually range from £2.99+ so when they’re on sale for 50p – £1 I MUST buy ALL the cards!


Ohh Deer have a variety of different illustrators who create different items/ranges. One of my favourite illustrators is Gemma Correll!


Gemma Correll’s Collection

As well as cards Ohh Deer also do an awesome range of stationery and random items, I bought a few items from the Arden Rose collection including cute little patches, which will eventually end up on my bag or my denim jacket. But for the meantime, they’re currently on my mirror with a daily reminder that shit happens!


I also bought pens, washy tape and keyrings from the Arden Rose range

Arden Rose Collection

Oh and to end, could we all appreciate my beautiful print -Its not actually for me (as I don’t have a…), but isn’t it great!

Pardon My Hardon A4 Print – by Ohh Deer

Thank you for reading my haul, not sure it entirely works like a Youtube video but, I’m off to shop the 80% sale! Please comment below if you know any shops similar to Ohh Deer as I love all things different!



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