January​ & February​ in an Insta

When I first started blogging, I decided to post my month in Instagram pictures, and since returning to my blog, these are the posts I have loved looking back on. I do not have the greatest of memories, so these posts are great to help me remember what happened and when.

Some would say IN AN INSTAnt (I make myself laugh) (just me).

I really want to get back into posting my month in Instagram photos. However, we are currently in March! And even though January was the longest month known to man, not a lot happened in this month, so I’ve decided to combine January and February into one post and then hopefully I can get back on track for March.

As previously mentioned, I don’t mean to be dramatic, but January was the LONGEST month! (anybody else feel this way?) But I didn’t really take many pictures. I think this was mainly due to its January, we’re all poor, Christmas is my favourite time of year, so I always sulk in January because I have sooooo long to wait until Christmas.

I also had my wisdom tooth out this month, and much like a lot of other people I’m sure, I HATE THE DENTIST, and so I was panicking about that most of the month, and then I sulked after it was done.

I think January can be summed up as SULKY JANUARY. – Which really just consisted of yes, sulking, my works Christmas do (Joys of working in retail, you get a Christmas a whole month later!)  some drawings and attempts to learn illustrator both of which I always do when I’m sulking!








February, what did I do with February? Picked up my camera more than January that’s for sure! – It consisted of a lot of coastal trips, as the sun showed its beautiful face.

I had a lot more pictures of Lands End, but there’s a separate blog post coming for those, so there are just a few sneaky ones chucked in.










I hope you enjoyed an insight into my January and February! I promise I’ve taken many more pictures throughout March! Take care loves!


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